Map and Directions

  • Early Childhood Center

    At Rock of Ages we believe that your child is a very exceptional part of God’s creation who is loved and redeemed by Jesus Christ! It is this message of Christ’s love that permeates all that we do to assist in your child’s spiritual, emotional, and academic development.

  • Worship at 9:00 am

    “We take Christ’s Word very seriously, but not ourselves…” Because let’s face it, each week we again find a mess all around us and need to hear our Lord’s words of forgiveness. And being the wonderful Jesus that He is, each week we hear that message, and He leaves us wanting for nothing!

  • Faith is always under construction

    When you visit us, you’ll notice that there’s no building on this side of the church, and there may never be. It’s simply drawn here in blueprint fashion to remind us that God isn’t finished with us yet. There is always more to learn about Christ’s love for us!