Thank you for your interest in Rock of Ages Lutheran Preschool and Child Care Center. We believe children learn best in a friendly, child-centered environment. We serve children age 2 and a half through age 5 (not in kindergarten). With our small class ratio our staff is able to give each child lots of individual attention.


The childhood years are an important time of development as an infant grows into an adolescent and arrives at adulthood.  Each season of development lays the groundwork for the next season. At Rock of Ages, we provide a stimulating environment to prepare children for future success in life by building a base of knowledge, instilling a love for learning and encouraging their natural curiosity and desire to learn. With opportunities for social interaction and play, children build knowledge through self-discovery and development of reasoning and logic skills in a safe environment where it is good to ask questions and think.

Core Values

We Love Jesus

By word and example, children experience and learn about the love God has for each one of us and how He has shown that love through His Son, Jesus Christ. Children become aware of their uniqueness and value to God. Bible stories help children see God’s love and the importance of forgiveness in maintaining relationships and showing love, kindness, and compassion to others.

We Pursue Excellence

Our staff is supported with opportunities for ongoing professional development so they can grow in their roles. Evaluations of staff are reflective and involve goal setting, professionally and personally. The school pursues excellence utilizing the quality rating tools promoted by Colorado Shines.

We Foster Development

Child Development is unique and ongoing. Every child is special and develops at their own  pace. A stimulating environment in which children can build knowledge through a variety of hands on experiences and engage in opportunities to explore and manipulate learning materials is provided daily. Through interaction with materials and their peers and teachers, a child develops socially, emotionally, academically, cognitively, physically, and spiritually. Growth in Development is comprehensive.  The WHOLE child is addressed.

We Create Curiosity

Children are born with a natural curiosity to learn and explore the world around them. Curiosity promotes learning and creativity. Children are given multiple opportunities to reason and use logic for problem solving as their curiosity takes them into uncharted territories of learning. By instilling a love for learning, a child’s natural curiosity directly contributes to the desire to keep learning more and more.

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